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Thermal Imaging Security Camera

Thermal Imaging Security Camera

The fundamental aspect of infrared wavelengths is that they are longer than the visible light. All objects and structures emit IR electromagnetic waves that are detectable by most modern thermal imaging systems. The standard thermal security camera can detect a wavelength of 3 to 4 microns or more.

A thermal security camera is excellent for capturing activity when the outdoor environment is not conducive to the light camera. It has crystal, high-resolution images that are visible through a multitude of atmospheric disruptions. The setting makes them a favorable option in comparison to the standard imaging security system.

Reasons you should substitute your CCTV with the thermal imaging security camera.

  • The quality of the image or video is not affected by any backlight or shadows.
  • The lens gives excellent detail and improves the detection of threats.
  • A thermal imaging camera can see through the shrubs, trees, grass, and scene detail of your backyard.
  • The camera does not need lighting to identify objects at night.
  • The thermal imaging security camera can detect intrusions from a wide-angle.
  • The motion detection feature is only detectable by a heat source in motion and not objects like waving branches or debris.
  • The camera is customizable to allow instant notifications to your smart device or the connected security platform or professional.
  • A thermal imaging system is a better option when you want to nail down a recently driven car in the parking lot.

Mainstream security applications of a thermal camera

The security market has three mainstream sectors. Purchasing a thermal imaging security camera will produce the most significant impact on the following:

Outdoor perimeter

Infrared illuminators are useless in heavy weather conditions like snow and rain. They give unreliable data feed and video analytics due to obscurants around the lens or target surface. A low-cost thermal camera is a better option of monitoring your home, office, or business area during heavy seasons like winter. Consequentially, you will witness reduced false alarms because of increased accuracy.

Indoor applications

Light variations are a common problem when capturing indoor images. The presence of people and pets limits the clarity of the target area the color map. The gadget is a better option for temperature sensing aspects of thermal imaging that could indicate water leaks of a pre-condition of a fire.

Security personnel can use thermal imaging to see through light blocks in critical incidents like kidnapping, whereas a light camera would produce obscured images. You can combine the thermal camera with a visual tool to identify the movement of intruders in your property.

Thermal imaging security was originally a military invention almost seven decades ago. Its innovation aimed to negate natural hindrances such as light, in the face of potential threats in the field. The technology has evolved and is accessible and understandable by the civilian population.

You can attain a thermal imaging security camera for almost any scope area, such as a large property or for your safety at night. Contact us for specifications of a system that will efficiently replace or complement the existing CCTV system.


Thermal Imaging Security Camera
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Thermal Imaging Security Camera Thermal Imaging Security Camera Thermal Imaging Security Camera