When it comes to making Car keys nowadays you need to know how to trouble shoot and diagnose problems in order to get the job done from time to time.  Here at Chitown Locksmith in Chicago we specialize in making car keys, repairing broken locks, and programming most cars that are on the road today.  We pride ourselves in the knowledge and experience that we possess in getting the job done.  Here at Chitown Locksmith we have been programming Car keys since the 90’s when automakers started putting transponder chips in the keys.  As for the new cars that we are capable of doing we are also able to do the older cars on the road.  We have experience in doing all cars New and Old so we never turn any customer down.  We are also a Motorcyle Key Locksmith so we do all bikes.  If you want an experienced Locksmith to work on your Automobile or Motorcycle that actually knows what they are doing please give us a call, we are always open 24/7.